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Communication and Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Ella is a 5 year old girl who communicates using a combination of vocalisation, gesture, pointing to symbols, and her own gestures / signs. However, it is very difficult to understand her communication out of context.

Case Study 2

A mobile and sociable 14 year-old. He has learning difficulties and little/no intelligible speech but is highly communicative through gesture and signs, and has some basic literacy.

Case Study 3

A frail little boy of 7 with cerebral palsy. He is behind with all developmental and educational milestones but has good understanding of language though very little intelligible speech.

Case Study 4

Annie has cerebral palsy, with no speech and is also severely visually impaired. Her visual processing was extremely slow and she could only cope with one or two large size symbols at a time.

Case Study 5

Frank is a mobile and active 11 year old who is on the autistic spectrum. He has no speech, but uses a combination of gestures, some BSL signs and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

Case Study 6

Minnie has cerebral palsy with complex mobility, hand function and eating and drinking difficulties, and no intelligible speech, but she is responsive, sociable and communicative, and appears cognitively able.