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Communication and Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

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Training Course Information

Switching to Excellence for pupils with physical and/or learning difficulties (TS4)

Course details

Cost:  £115

  • Date: 8th March 2012 (9:30 - 15:30)
  • Location: CALL Scotland, Edinburgh (location map and 'get directions')
  • Lunch: A free lunch is provided (Vegetarian choice available).

What's the course about?

Many children with complex additional support needs  - whether due to physical difficulties or learning difficulties - are unable to use a traditional keyboard and mouse and/or a touch screen. (And yet more and more software and devices is mouse and touch-screen based.) Such children have to rely on switches in order to use computer and communication technology necessary to access the curriculum.

Ian Bean (formerly a teacher at Priory Woods School, and with Inclusive Technology), now working as an Independent Consultant) will lead this course, with CALL staff.

Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of best practice in teaching switch skills from ‘cause and effect’ level to either effective touch screen use or confident scanning, using a structured ‘Switch Progression Road Map’.

The course will help you plan meaningful and motivating routes to success for your learners, using switches to access communication, learning and fun. It will provide advice on assessing a learner’s baseline skill level and setting achievable learning goals to achieve progress. The course will suggest which software and hardware works best at different stages in the learning process.

A wide range of switches, interfaces, toys, communication devices and switch software will be demonstrated and made available for hands-on exploration by participants. Switch access to communication apps on the iPad will be discussed as part of the course, though not the dominant part.

Each participant will receive a copy of the 'Switch Progression Road Map' book and a CD with example files, some free resources,step-by-step guides and hand-outs.

What you'll learn on the course

The course presenters