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Communication and Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

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Training Course Information

Personal Communication Passports (AC2)

Course details

Cost:  £115

  • Date: 11th May 2012 (9:30 - 15:30)
  • Location: CALL Scotland, Edinburgh (location map and 'get directions')
  • Lunch: A free lunch is provided (Vegetarian choice available).

What's the course about?

All people have a right to have their voices heard and there is growing awareness that 'accessibility' means something different (ie not just ramps and lifts!) for pupils with speech, language or communication difficulties. The term 'communication support needs' is now established as a specialised area of additional support needs. These courses provide guidance and a focus for policies and practices which councils are now developing.

Passports provide a practical, person-centred way to share key information for people of all ages who cannot easily speak for themselves. Learn about best practice principles, pick up practical tips for making effective Passports, and explore (hands-on) computer templates and the new CALL Passport ‘App’ (and other available Apps) for iPod/iPad.

The course presenters