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These Clicker grids have been provided for you to use as wish. Either use them as they are (make up some activities based on the grids) or use them as design templates for your own activities.

We have provided the grids in two formats: Executable (.exe) and Archived (.zip).

If you have a Mac, you will have to download and unpack the archived files (.zip) below and move the unpacked contents to your Clicker Folder. Open Clicker and go to Clicker Explorer to see the files.

If you have a PC, you can use either the Archive (.zip) or the executable (.exe) files below. Using the .exe file will automatically install into your clicker folder. However, If you are on a managed network you may need to use the Archive (.zip) files as your network may not allow you to run .exe files.

Archived files (.zip) for Windows or Mac OS X

Executable files (.exe) for Windows