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SMART Wheelchair User Manual

Author/Editor: Paul Nisbet

Published: 2000

Pages: 64

File type: pdf

File size: 0.4Mb



Over the course of development of the Smart Wheelchair, we have collected a wide range of resources about the field of mobility.

We have put some of these online for you to download and read at your leisure. We will hopefully be continuing to add resources to this section, so check back again!

Manual Sections

  • Section 1: The Smart Wheelchair: An Introduction
  • Section 2: The Smart Wheelchair: A Description
  • Section 3: Smart Wheelchair Controller
  • Section 4: Driving the chair with switches
  • Section 5: Smart Wheelchair ToolBox
  • Section 6: Smart Wheelchair Motion Tools
  • Section 7: Integrating a computer or communication device to the chair
  • Section 8: Driving with the Scanner
  • Section 9: Smart Wheelchair Bump Tools
  • Section 10: Smart Wheelchair Line Follower Tools
  • Section 11: Smart Wheelchair Observer Speech Tool
  • Section 12: Maintenance and safety

Further Resources