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iPad Management for Schools Seminar

Exploring options for managing, setting up and using multiple iPads

Thursday 26th May 2016, 9:30am - 12:30pm

There are tens of thousands of iPads in Scottish schools and many different models of mobile device management. This course will address common questions that are being asked on how it can be done efficiently, effectively and securely.

Cost: £25


The agenda

  • ICT team representatives from local authorities will
    • explain how they set and manage their estate of iPads;
    • advise on how to avoid potential pitfalls;
    • offer practical advice on purchasing apps, updating devices and creating backups
  • An IT expert will discuss issues around security, encryption and cloud storage
  • A trainer from the iTeach team (UK's leading company in providing training for Apple technology in education) will offer ideas on how to get the best use out of iPads in the classroom (both primary and secondary)
  • CALL Scotland will do a short session on the Accessibility features of an iPad and highlight a range of assistive technology apps

Who is the seminar for?

  • Anyone with the responsibility to manage multiple iPads, deploy apps and do updates (IT department, school staff, local authority Education ICT teams, local authority ASN / VI teams)
  • Any teacher who has students using iPads in the class and would like to know how to maximise their use by easy transfer of information on and off the devices, sharing work with the class and cloud storage.

About the day


The seminar starts at 9:30am and finishes at 12:30pm.

Registration is from 9.00am.


  • Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout the morning;
  • Selection of biscuits will be available;


Room LG34, Moray House, Thomson's Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ


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