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Equipment Details

Nano KeySonic Ultra Compact Keyboard No. 9

  • Type of equipment: Keyboard or alternative
  • CALL Number: 6622
  • Supplier: Inclusive Technology Ltd
  • Purchase Date: 5th May 2016
  • Availability: Ready for loan, contact us to discuss.

Product information

The Ultra Compact Keyboard is ideal for users who find it difficult to reach all the keys of an ordinary keyboard or for those who like to 'fix' themselves and type using a small target area.


CALL Scotland review

This is a very small keyboard which suits people who can't reach across a standard keyboard - for example someone who has small hands and fingers, uses one hand to type, or has weak hands or fingers. It's smaller than a Compact Keyboard or a laptop keyboard and is about the same size as a keyboard on a netbook with a 7" screen. A metal keyguard is available for it.


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