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Joanna Courtney

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

I have a key role within the CALL team to develop and deliver support for individuals with complex communication support needs to access and use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

I have a keen interest in developing symbol resources and awareness of AAC in the wider community through partnerships e.g. project work with The Scottish BookTrust.

My key areas of work are:

  • assessment and support of individual learners
  • development and delivery of professional learning
  • providing information and advice including web site content
  • involvement in research and development projects
  • working in collaboration with AAC services, Scottish Government and other organisations

And some background information about me:

I have worked in the field of AAC for 14 years and first became interested in it while working as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) at Capability Scotland’s Corseford School in Kilbarchan. As part of an SLT department highly experienced in the use of AAC, I learned quickly and had the opportunity to work with a wide range of pupils and communication difficulties, developing use of AAC devices within the education setting and at home.

I have always enjoyed creating communication opportunities for People who use AAC (PWUAAC) and bringing people together to learn from and support each other in this area. I started working for CALL Scotland in January 2009 and since then have had the opportunity to work with pupils and staff across the country to help develop individual AAC use and the knowledge and skills of local services. I have a particular interest in consultation with and socialisation of People who use AAC (PWUAAC) and in developing local peer groups and learning opportunities. 

I'm currently working on...

  • collaboration with Scottish Government through the AAC Legislation Advisory Group, for the implementation of the Health Bill 2016 - Provision of Communication Equipment
  • partnership working with AAC services across Scotland through Augmentative Communication In Practice: Scotland (ACIP:S) to deliver training for AAC workers and to organise family and AAC user opportunities
  • developing information resources for eye gaze technology and communication aid information for the CALL website
  • developing symbolised communication resources for download from the CALL website
  • involvement in the development of Scottish Children’s computer voices for AAC


What I do when I'm not working in CALL

I have two young children and enjoy outdoor activities, reading stories and sleep! I enjoy cooking and travelling and going to the theatre. I have recently taken up squash and also enjoy hill walking and red wine. I also very much enjoy live music and going to gigs, if I can stay up late enough!