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Sarah Marjoribanks

Office Manager

I am the Office Manager for CALL and spend most of my time with the administrative duties involved in running an office. These duties consist of everything from taking calls, HR queries, running the financial side of our Research Grants and General Accounts (loosely termed as ‘finance’), salaries (yes we get paid for our dedication),  sending out loan equipment, being the key organiser for our Annual 2 day ASL & Technology Conference (in venues from Dingwall down),  having a busy working relationship with managers in the Education Departments in Local Authorities with whom we have SLAs (Service Level Agreements), together with negotiating on behalf of CALL for new SLA contracts with additional authorities and I am also the Data Protection Officer for our records management .

As you can see from the few things mentioned above, my work is extremely varied and is never the same two days running. I am fiercely proud to be part of the CALL Team. Our specialist staff go into schools and sometimes homes to assess children with disabilities to find ways to enable them to access the curriculum and in turn their wider environment, for me being a cog in this team doesn't get any better than that.

I'm currently working on...

All of the above and more!

What I do when I'm not working in CALL

To keep fit I enjoy walking and Pilates. I love the tranquillity of my garden and will happily potter around it all day. On a monthly basis my friend and I travel to venues from London to Arran (so far) to sample High/Afternoon Tea.