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Claire Harrison

Assistive Technology and Complex Needs Officer

See my offical University of Edinburgh bio

After almost 20 years in the classroom, I'm now working at CALL Scotland as a development officer for assistive technology and complex needs. My role is varied and involves assessment and support of individual learners, development and delivery of professional learning, writing web site content and research and development projects.

I'm currently working on...

  • ways in which assistive technolgy can make the curriculum more accessible for learners with complex needs
  • developing specialist professional learning for teachers of learners with complex needs
  • researching the use of assistive technology in teaching literacy and numeracy to learners with complex needs
  • developing CALL resources for our Symbols for All website.

What I do when I'm not working in CALL

Theatre & cinema, lots and lots of reading, spending time being on/beside or as close as possible to the sea!