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Claire Harrison

Assistive Technology and Complex Needs Officer

See my offical University of Edinburgh bio

I'm working at CALL Scotland as a development officer for assistive technology and complex needs. My role involves:

  • assessment and support of individual learners,
  • development and delivery of professional learning,
  • writing web site content
  • and research and development projects.

I'm currently working on...

  • ways in which assistive technolgy can make the curriculum more accessible for learners with complex needs
  • developing complex needs content for the website
  • researching how assistive technology is being used with learners who have complex needs across Scotland
  • developing specialist professional learning for teachers of learners with complex needs
  • researching the use of assistive technology in teaching literacy to learners with complex needs

What I do when I'm not working in CALL

Theatre & cinema, lots and lots of reading, spending time being on/beside or as close as possible to the sea!