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Paul Nisbet

Engineer and Educational Technologist

See my offical University of Edinburgh bio

I'm the Director of CALL and apart from the admin and management drivel, like everyone else in the team, I have roles across a range of activities including:

  • assessment and support of individual learners,
  • development and delivery of professional learning,
  • writing web site content,
  • and research and development projects.

Within the CALL team, I lead on the work on:

In terms of specialism within the team, I tend to be more involved in work to support learners with physical disabilities or specific learning difficulties in mainstream education settings. Despite my apparent laid-back demeanour (I'm told), I'm passionate about the potential of Assistive Technology to open worlds of possibilities for children and young people with additional support needs or disability, and I'm determined that CALL will develop further to better support learners, practitioners, parents and carers across the whole of Scotland, and further afield too.

I was one of the first CALL team members (in 1983) and I love the variety, the pace of change (think how technology has developed since then), and the days when we get it right and have a positive impact on the lives of children and young people.

I'm currently working on...

What I do when I'm not working in CALL

I like cycling, running and riding me motorbike. I play guitar and sing in our local church band, do occasional ceilidhs, and play bass in the Heart and Soul swing band.