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Craig Mill

Assistive Technology Advisor

See my offical University of Edinburgh bio

I’m the Assistive technology advisor at CALL. My day-to-day activities include:

  • Assessment and support of pupils with ASN,
  • Delivery of webinars, workshops and general training to support professional learning,
  • Writing and updating content for the CALL website,
  • Developing resources such as inforgraphs and informative posters. 

I’m probably best known for developing free and open software tools such as AccessApps and MyStudybar. I am passionate about assistive technology and do my best to keep abreast of new technology developments such as tablets and apps - always exploring how they can help pupils with ASN to overcome barriers to learning. 

I'm currently working on...

  • Developing an accredited professional learning programme for assistive technology along with Shirley and Paul. 
  • Investigating and developing online methods of delivering remote or distance workshops.
  • Exploring the many built-in accessibility features and tools of iPads, Androids and other devices. 

What I do when I'm not working in CALL

  • I enjoy running and generally keeping myself fit.
  • Teaching myself to play the piano and learning to sight read music.
  • Play and polish my guitar collection!