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April 2019

Professional Learning on technology - what do you want?

Please can you take 5 minutes to answer a few simple questions in our questionnaire to help us establish where the gaps in training lie and to find out why people are not taking up training opportunities when the need to gain the knowledge is evident.

New Voices for Your Chromebook!

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in Scottish schools, partly because they are relatively easy to manage and also because they turn on very quickly so there is no need to wait for the device to boot up. However, the limited range of built-in voices has been a disadvantage for learners with additional support needs who need to use text-to-speech. The latest version (V73) of the Chrome operating system makes more eSpeak and Acapela voices available for use.

Saltersgate students work at CALL

Three senior students, James, Charlie and Daryll, from Saltersgate School in Midlothian have just completed three days of Work Experience with us here at CALL Scotland. We were delighted to be able to offer them this opportunity to be part of our team, to undertake some work tasks and to produce some items which are now being sold in our online shop.

Doorway Online TextType 3 Practice Workbook

Doorway Onlines Text Type 3 is a colourful, engaging and accessible touch typing tutor that takes learners from learning the home keys (a s d f g h j k l) to the familiarity of the whole keyboard.

Training courses

At our University of Edinburgh training centre.

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Free webinars

30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

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Upcoming events

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ASL and Technology Conference 2019

Free conference of technology to assist students with Additional Support Needs. Edinburgh and Glasgow.

National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day is all about recognising that numbers play a big part in all our lives and helping people sharpen their skills and build their confidence. Expect a numeracy related blog from CALL Scotland!

What we're reading

Enabling Accessibility Features

Set of A5 flash cards to demonstrate accessibility features of the Chromebook, developed by Louise Jones.

The language and communication attributes of graphic symbol communication aids - a systematic review and narrative synthesis

Disability an Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. Vol 14.1. This research article is a literature review carried out as part of the I-ASC project.

The Human Cost of Dyslexia: The emotional and psychological impact of poorly supported dyslexia

Report produced by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dyslexia (UK).