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October 2016

Job Vacancy at CALL Scotland

Are you up for an exciting career challenge? CALL Scotland is seeking an experienced and expert teacher of learners with complex additional support needs / severe or profound learning needs to join the multidisciplinary CALL team.

Apps for Memory and Organisation

I had an interesting meeting with Dyslexia Scotland's Adult Network (Glasgow) recently to discuss software and apps to support memory and organisation.

New Features to Support Literacy in iOS 10

There are three new features in iOS 10 that have the potential to make a big difference for learners with literacy difficulties such as dyslexia and also for those with visual difficulties.

Training courses

At our University of Edinburgh training centre.

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Free webinars

30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

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Upcoming events

Some events for your diary.

Dyslexia Scotland - Education Conference

The 2016 'Dyslexia Scotland - Education Conference' will be held on Saturday 29 October at the University of Dundee. Keynote speakers are confirmed as Chartered Psychologist, Dr Rob Long, and Zeki Basan, a dyslexic young man who has been inspired to travel to wild places and to use his experiences to help educate others.

Creative and Fun Learning Using the iPad

Many schools across Scotland have purchased iPads to raise attainment for their learners through the use of educational apps. After the initial excitement of using them, there is quite often a lull as they become everyday classroom objects. We want to show you some ways they can be used creatively to achieve learning objectives while achieving maximum student engagement and enjoyment.

What we're reading

BHTA Children’s Section Launch New Campaign - Failing Disabled Children across the UK

BHTA and its children's section member companies have produced a paper to highlight the effects of not taking action.

Mounting Assistive Technology Documentation

The Mounting Assistive Technology Documentation helps those involved with providing assistive technology to ensure it can be used effectively in a range of environments and contexts to meet the lifestyle needs of the user.

What is Dyscalculia?

A new leaflet publications from Dyslexia Scotland.