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September 2017

PEF + CALL Scotland = Attainment

Here at CALL we specialise in Assistive Technology and have extensive knowledge and experience of working with children and young people with Additional Support Needs. We know what technology works best to support literacy and numeracy difficulties (as well as physical, sensory and communication issues) and most importantly we can provide the training required to make teachers and learning assistants comfortable and confident to use the technology to best effect...

Maths Week Scotland - Subitising

To mark Maths Week Scotland, we will be publishing a short blog every day looking at apps that can help improve the numeracy skills of pupils with dyscalculia, or other difficulties with mathematics. Today we are looking at 'subitising' and an app that can help learners work on this skill.

Tackling Word Problems in Maths

Many people can cope with basic arithmetic when a problem is presented as a sum to be calculated, but struggle when the question is wrapped up in words. Text to speech software can help with reading the words in a problem, but it won't necessarily make the question easier to understand, or to answer.

New to using an iPad? Free training

An Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) delivers courses to build the skills and confidence of educators to use Apple technology inside and outside the classroom. CALL Scotland is a designated Apple RTC and our special interest lies in providing support to students with Additional Support Needs.

Training courses

At our University of Edinburgh training centre.

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Free webinars

30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

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Upcoming events

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Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit Masterclass

Dyslexia Scotland has received funding from the Scottish Government to deliver 5 free Masterclasses. They are being offered exclusively to teachers who work within Scotland's state schools, in 5 local authority areas.

SQA Digital Question Papers Focus Group

CALL Scotland is hosting a focus group meeting to discuss experiences and to get feedback from schools that used Digital Question Papers and technology in the 2017 SQA examination diet.

What we're reading

The Padagogy Wheel English V 5

One of the original inspirations for the CALL Scotland app wheels, the latest version of Allan Carrington's wheel is available in iPad and Android versions and shows apps that can be associated with the SAMR (Substitution - Augmentation - Modification - Redefinition) model of Pedagogy.

Assistive Technology Glossary

New, 30-page booklet from the Center on Technology and Disability in the USA, providing a guide to assistive technology for parents - some of the terms are just used in the USA, but most are applicable to Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Reasonable Adjustments - what are they?

Reasonable adjustments are changes that schools, places of employment, and other places have to make to include people with disabilities in day-to-day life. In schools, this means to will help pupils with disabilities to have the same opportunities as their peers.