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Reading and Writing

Advanced Spellcheckers Compared

Comparison of Ghotit, Ginger and Oribi VeriSpell.

Updated: March 2012


Free Text to Speech Options for the Mac

There are a number of free text-to-speech options for Mac users.

Updated: November 2011


Reading Pen

The Reading Pen allows the user to scan a difficult word, hear a spoken playback of the word, and even have a dictionary definition of the word read back to them

Updated: March 2007


Using a Web Browser with Text to Speech Support

Most web browsers have in-built accessibility features, such as the ability to change the size, colour and font for the text. For many people, these accessibility features, combined with the ability to have a passage of text from a web site, read out by a computer, are sufficient to help them become independent learners.

Updated: August 2009