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Tobii EyeMobile Mini


Produced by Tobii Dynavox, the EyeMobile Mini comprises of:

  • A Tobii PCEye Mini (eye gaze unit);
  • Windows tablet
    (width: 190-300mm, height: 162-195mm, thickness: 8.5-14mm);
  • Specially designed bracket to hold the eye gaze unit and tablet.

Lightweight and small, the system can be attached to various mounts once an optional VESA mounting plate is purchased.

Purchasing options:

  • Bracket: £300 + VAT
  • Bracket & PCEye Mini: £2050 + VAT
  • Bracket, Tobii Mini & Microsoft Surface Pro 4: £2950 + VAT

The VESA mount cannot be used during operation of the table stand.

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