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Ghotit Real Writer and Reader

YouTube clip of Ghotit

Ghotit is a commercial application containing features to make reading and writing easier. It can read out text from almost any program such as:

  • Adobe Reader,
  • Microsoft Word,
  • internet browsers.


  • Reads as you write
  • Synchronised colour highlighting and text-to-speech
  • Spelling and homophone corrections
  • Screenshot - converts Flash and images to readable text
  • Speaks words in prediction list

How do I use Ghotit?

  1. Select some text from your document or webpage.
  2. Press the F6 key and Ghotit will copy the text.
  3. Click on the 'Speaker' icon to have the text read aloud.
  4. Click on the 'Speaker' icon to stop.


Changing the voice

If you have your own voices installed on your PC then they can be changed via Preferences.

  1. Select 'Preferences' from the 'Edit' menu.
  2. Select the voice you require from the 'System Voice' menu.
  3. Close the box when finished.

You can download free high quality Scottish voices which are  available freely for the Scottish public sector.