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Using the Grid 3 Software to Support Communication and Learning

The Grid 3 is a programme which runs on many communication devices aimed at providing symbol and/or text input communication with speech output, as an AAC system. It also provides a wide range of functions for pupils, including selecting and using learning, literacy and numeracy resources, with many access options from touch, switch to eye gaze.

We will explore the programme and its many vocabularies, and view options for accessing curricular activities, including reading books and maths workbooks/sheets. We will also view options for accessing the internet and for computer control.

You will learn about techniques for creating personalised vocabularies and resources, and setting up different access options, with plenty time for hands-on practise. There will opportunity to discuss how the Grid 3 can meet the needs of individual learners. 

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What you'll learn on the training course

  • Awareness of the Grid 3 programme and how it can support pupils with communication and learning
  • Awareness of using the Grid 3 across different platforms including AAC devices and PC/tablet devices
  • Knowledge in personalising vocabularies and grids for individual pupils

Who is the course for?

This course is particularly suited to:

Staff supporting learners with complex communication support needs including-

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Severe communication difficulty (speech/language and/or understanding)
  • Speech and Language Impairment (SLI)
  • Delayed and/or disordered communication
  • Learning disability

It is relevant for ASN staff in all sectors of education; Speech and Language Therapists; Social Care support workers; parents.

Our trainers and equipment

CALL Scotland is a registered provider of CPD (PLfind) for all staff working within Curriculum for Excellence or with pupils with Additional Support Needs.

Our specialist trainers bring a tailor-made service to your school and will discuss your requirements fully beforehand.

We can provide a set of Windows laptops and iPads, or your equipment can be used, provided that all the appropriate software is installed.


Price guide

SLA: Service Level Agreement ( some Local Authorities have an SLA with CALL Scotland)

SLA Rate
(1 trainer)
Standard Rate
(1 trainer)
SLA rate
(2 trainers)
Standard Rate
(2 trainers)
2 Hours
£305 £360 £470 £580
Half Day
(3 hours)
£320 £390 £520 £615
Full day
(6 hours)
£520 £640 £850 £1035

Additional costs and travel.