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Using Personal Communication Passports

Personal Communication Passports provide a practical, person-centred way to share key information for children and adults with communication support needs, who cannot easily speak for themselves. Passports are a way of making sense of assessment information, pulling complex information together, and recording the important things about a person in an attractive and accessible format. They are easy to read, informative, useful and fun and have become widely used in home, care, social work, health and education settings. In an adapted form, they can be useful as Individual Learning Plans and Pupil Profiles for pupils with more complex additional support needs. They have a particularly important role to play in supporting transitions between services.

Importantly, also, a Passport is more than the end-product booklet. The course discusses the process of creating and using a Passport, including ongoing home/school liaison and updating, partnership working with parents/families, interdisciplinary collaboration and ways of consulting and involving people with communication support needs.

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What you'll learn on the training course

  • Gathering information, creating Passports, using templates;
  • Principles of good practice;
  • Auditing Quality/Minimum Standards Checklist;
  • Simple Multimedia Passports using PowerPoint (hands-on);
  • Possibilities of making Passports using eBooks, iBooks, online passports, and a range of ‘Apps’ on the iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Who is the course for?

This course is particularly suited to:

ASN staff in all sectors of Education; including:

  • VI Specialists,
  • Speech and Language Therapy staff,
  • parents/family,
  • pre-school workers,
  • Social Care staff.

Our trainers and equipment

CALL Scotland is a registered provider of CPD (PLfind) for all staff working within Curriculum for Excellence or with pupils with Additional Support Needs.

Our specialist trainers bring a tailor-made service to your school and will discuss your requirements fully beforehand.

We can provide a set of Windows laptops and iPads, or your equipment can be used, provided that all the appropriate software is installed.


Price guide

SLA: Service Level Agreement ( some Local Authorities have an SLA with CALL Scotland)

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Standard Rate
(2 trainers)
2 Hours
£330 £395 £500 £620
Half Day
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£340 £420 £556 £655
Full day
(6 hours)
£540 £685 £910 £1120

Additional costs and travel.