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Preparing for an Online Workshop

1. Test your connection

Please ensure that your organisation will allow you to connect to the Adobe Connect service (online workshop).

Press the button below to test...

Diagnostic Check

1. If there is a problem please contact your ICT person and ask them to:

  • unblock the Adobe Connect service website -
  • and ensure that your browser supports the Adobe Connect service plugin.

2. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough!
Don't use your wi-fi if it's prone to cutting out (because it's slow). Try to use an ethernet cable if possible.

2. Setup your microphone

Please check in advance that the microphone attached to the computer/laptop is working before you join the workshop.

Choice of microphone

Rather than just using the inbuilt microphone on the laptop which will give poorer quality, we suggest using an 'omnidirectional' microphone. This will pickup good quality sound in all directions (360 degrees).

We recommend the Blue Yeti Professional USB Microphone.

Hints and Tips

  • Position the mic in the centre of the table so everyone can be heard clearly.
  • One person should speak at a time as Adobe Connect will try to cancel out multiple voices.

3. Setup your webcam (if required)

Setting up a webcam isn't that difficult. The webcam should be positioned so the group can be seen by the presenter(s), e.g. on a tripod if you have one.

We recommend using a Logitech USB HD Webcam.


4. Enable the 'speaker' and 'mic' button within Adobeconnect

On the day, if you still can't hear any audio and we can't hear you, make sure...

1. the speaker button is not on mute - it should be green
2. the mic button is not on mute - it should be green

They are located on the toolbar at the top of the online workshop.

5. Try to log in before the online workshop to test everything

Try to log in 15 minutes before the event to make sure everything works.