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Electronic Aids for Blind and Partially Sighted Students

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HumanWare design and manufacture electronic aids for blind and partially sighted students. Lucy Begley, HumanWare’s Scottish Regional Sales Manager, will be looking at the Prodigi Connect 12 and why it’s so popular with students in all stages of education. The Prodigi Connect 12 is a lightweight and portable tablet-based product which provides magnification and speech for both hard copy and electronic text. There’s also a distance camera for viewing interactive whiteboards/plasma screens.

Getting the provision of hardware (and software/apps) right for blind and partially sighted students to access the same educational materials and resources as other students is key to them enjoying being part of a fully inclusive class and to attaining in line with their cognitive ability irrespective of their disability. Lucy will talk about other Humanware products that provide this support.


Lucy Begley, HumanWare

Date of webinar

24th October, 2017

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