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Making the Most of your Interactive Whiteboard for Students with Additional Support Needs

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Nearly every classroom has an interactive whiteboard but few teachers could say they use it to its full potential. Lack of time to learn the software or an understanding of how it could be used to make learning fun, active and inclusive are often cited as reasons.

The creative use of interactive whiteboards can achieve positive effects on students with additional support needs and promote a multi-sensory style of learning. In this webinar, Shirley will look at both ActivInspire and SMART Notebook software and identify the tools and resources that allow teachers to create engaging and motivating activities, to use audio and video for extra support and to use the maths and literacy tools to help the understanding of concepts. The greater the opportunity the student has to participate in the class, the richer their learning experience will be.

Shirley will also show you how to make your own basic, personalised interactive flipchart and where to find thousands of ready made, editable resources online for free.


Shirley Lawson, CALL Scotland

Date of webinar

8th November, 2017

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