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OrbitNote - Making Every PDF Accessible

Every student has a right to access and use all types of digital documents in a way that suits them best. PDFs should not be the exception.

In this webinar, Andrew will show you how OrbitNotes' one-click Scan Text tool makes every PDF accessible, ensuring that students have access to the tools they need, such as text to speech, talking dictionaries, highlighting, vocabulary support and everything they need to succeed.

You will also learn how OrbitNote allows students to express their understanding in many flexible ways. They can type or draw their thoughts on the page, they can highlight key points in a comprehension piece and they can add shapes and images to their work. Additionally, you will see how both teachers and students can use their voices to share their thoughts and feedback.


Andrew Campbell, TextHelp


About the webinar

  • The webinar runs from 16:00-16:30 (UK time zone);
  • The workshop part lasts about 20 minutes;
  • There will be 5-10 minutes after this for questions and answers.

Date: 16

course cost is Free

Course Reference: WEB224

Preparing for the Webinar

To try and ensure the webinar goes as smoothly as possible for you on the day, we've created a very simple 4 point preparation list that you may wish to follow.