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Preparing for a Webinar

1. Test your connection

Please ensure that your organisation will allow you to connect to the Adobe Connect website (webinar service).

To test in advance , the following link will carry out a diagnostic check:

Diagnostic Check

If there is a problem, please contact your ICT person
and ask them to unblock the Adobe Connect website

2. Check your headphones/speakers

Please check in advance that the headphones or speakers on your computer/laptop are working before you join the session.

We will not be able to provide support or help if you experience sound problems so please as your ICT person for help.

3. Enable 'speaker' button within Adobeconnect

On the day, if you still can't hear any audio but you've tested your headphones or speakers...

make sure the speaker button is not on mute

...on the top toolbar within the webinar.

4. Try to log in on time

The webinar will start exactly at the specified time so if you don't wish to miss anything then please try to log in 15 minutes before the event to make sure everything works.