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26 Feb, 2020 WEB164 Humanware BrailleNote Touch Plus for Visually impaired students Free
04 Mar, 2020 WEB165 How can robotic avatars help children who are long-term ill take part in school from home? Free
11 Mar, 2020 WEB166 NEW Bookbug resources for Clicker and Grid 3 software on PC and iPad Free
18 Mar, 2020 WEB167 Using Widgit Online to support learners with additional needs in the classroom Free
22 Apr, 2020 WEB168 Using Windows 10 to support learners with a visual impairment Free
29 Apr, 2020 WEB169 Using Choice Board Creator app for learners with complex needs to make choices Free
13 May, 2020 WEB170 Learning using educational comics Free
27 May, 2020 WEB171 Using technology to support Storytelling for all learners Free
24 Jun, 2020 WEB172 iPad apps to support learning and communication for those with autism Free