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Equipment Details

Big Keys LX (lowercase multicoloured key)

  • Type of equipment: Keyboard or alternative
  • CALL Number: 5593
  • Supplier: Inclusive Technology Ltd
  • Purchase Date: 13th March 2012
  • Availability: Ready for loan, contact us to discuss.

Product information

Big Keys LX has 60 large, chunky keys, including access to function keys. It is available in a wide range of colours and layouts, with qwerty or abc layouts too.

The keys help the user to recognise when they have been pressed with a nice distinct click and will not keep repeating a letter if held down. Keyguards and a glove are also available.


CALL Scotland review

Has 60 large, chunky keys, including directional arrow keys and with further access to function keys. The keyboard is navy with white keys and navy coloured lettering.

The keys have a distinct click when pressed, allowing the user to recognise when they have pressed it. If held down the letter will not keep repeating.

The interface is PS/2 but a USB adapter is provided.


Last loan user review

This was a very useful and worthwhile piece of hardware. XXX has limited motor control and finds standard keyboards difficult to access. he will benefit greatly from using it in P1. XXX enjoyed using the keyboard as did all the other nursery pupils.

The coloured keys further confused XXXX as they were too dark for him to make out. "I found black and white keys are easier for me to see."

Nice piece of equip. Pity that the position of the keys are not staggered like a normal keyboard - also the k 'M' in different location due to layout. Makes things harder to use both kinds of keyboard.

Thought it was great.

Equipment excellent but the user's MS is now too advanced for her to use it.

Met clients needs physically, but upper case letters were sometimes confusing. Satisfaction - 6/10 as letters prevented clear analysis.

Very useful, however keyboard does not match the normal keyboard and learners do feel singled out!


Liked concept, but due to combination of visual problems and upper limb function - it was too difficult to use.