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National 5 English Set Scottish Texts on the Books for All Database

by Paul Nisbet

on Wed Jul 03, 2013

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Back in March I gave a presentation at the Developing Teachers in a Post-PC Era conference that we organised with Apple UK, where I suggested that one of the potential benefits of more learners using more new mobile technologies (iPads, tablets, mobiles etc) was that digital books and curriculum resources would become more common. This will be good for pupils who struggle with print because there will be more pupils wanting digital formats and therefore we are likely to see more being produced (as long as the commercial eBooks from Amazon, iTunes, RM Books etc etc are actually accessible to pupils with print disabilities, which is another story).

So, as an exercise to see how well prepared we all are for this shiny new digital age, I searched to see which of the National 5 Set Scottish texts were actually available in digital format. I found that there were some significant gaps, which is a bit disappointing given the first National 5 exams will be delivered next session. 

The good news though, is that we have scanned most of the books and they are now available free of charge, for pupils with print disabilities, on or via the Books for All Database!

To save you the trouble searching for them either on the commercial sites or on B4ASD, we've done it for you:


Amazon Kindle iTunes Books RM Books Books for All Database
Bold Girls, by Rona Monro - - -

PDF to follow

Large Print (28pt)

Sailmaker, by Alan Spence - - -



Tally's Blood, by Ann Marie di Mambro - - - Not yet - in progress


Short stories (a selection) by Iain Crichton Smith  Listen to the Voice Listen to the Voice -

Listen to the Voice PDF

The Black Halo: The Complete English Stories 1977-98 PDF

The Red Door: The Complete English Stories 1949-76 PDF

Hieroglyphics and Other Stories (a selection) by Anne Donovan - - - Hieroglyphics and Other Stories PDF
The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson Yes - - The Testament of Gideon Mack PDF
Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson Yes Yes Yes



Carol Ann Duffy Yes, various Yes, various   New Selected Poems: 1984-2004
Edwin Morgan Yes, various Yes, various   New Selected Poems (Poetry pleiade)
Norman MacCaig Yes, various The Poems of Norman MacCaig   Not yet - in progress
Jackie Kay Yes, various Yes, various   Not yet - in progress


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