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How Technology Can Support Dyscalculic Learners

On this full day course, our specialist Speech and Language Therapist team members will explore how CALL Scotland's 'Symbols for All' resource pack can help your School/Nursery to create an inclusive & accessible environment for all learners. Participants will learn about the recommended guidelines on how to make the curriculum accessible, be given advice on how to logistically implement the suggested ideas and to see best practice examples from schools and nurseries across Scotland.

Participants will also take part in a hands-on workshop where there will be opportunities to create their own resources using a variety of symbol software packages such as Matrix Maker, Boardmaker and InPrint 3.



21st March 2019
University of Edinburgh

Full day course
(9:30pm - 3:30pm)

What you will learn

    • To explain the benefits and key features of a Communication Friendly Environment and how it can contribute to raising pupil attainment across the curriculum.
    • To explore the materials in CALL Scotland’s ‘Symbols for All’ pack and learn
    • how the pack can be used to support all learners, including pupils with print disability due to physical, visual, reading, dyslexic or communication difficulties
    • To establish an implementation plan for creating a Communication Friendly Environment within your setting
    • To recognise examples of best practice from across Scotland through
    • case studies and presentations by practitioners

    Who is the seminar aimed at?

    • Class teachers, Support for Learning Teachers
    • Speech and Language Therapists
    • Classroom assistants, Additional Support Needs assistants
    • Anyone working with a student with an Additional Support Need
    • Parent/ Carers

    Meet your presenter(s)

    Joanna Courtney
    Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

    She has 11 years' experience of working in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, spending her first 7 years working in a Special School. She has an Honours degree (BSc) in Speech and Language Pathology from Queen Margaret University and her particular area of interest is enabling peer interaction and group opportunities for people who use AAC.

    What the research says



    About the day

    • Duration: 9:30pm - 3:30pm
    • Class size: No more than 16
    • Refreshments: Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout.
    • Food: A generous lunch to keep you full up.


    • Room: , University of Edinburgh, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ