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Getting to Grips with VoiceOver on the IPad

VoiceOver is the iPad's screen reader that allows visually impaired and blind users to have access to the iPad by hearing descriptions of everything that is happening on the screen.

VoiceOver is integrated into the iPad's operating system (iOS) and works with a range of built-in apps such as Notes, Safari, Pages, and much more, including third-party apps such as Word.

VoiceOver is both a gesture-based (requires taps, double taps etc) and a keyboard shortcut screen reader - the iPad can be controlled by using an external keyboard such as an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. This extends the way in which an iPad can be accessed, particularly for blind users.



9th November 2017
University of Edinburgh

Morning Seminar £40
(9:30am - 12:30pm)

with Workshop NA
no workshop

What you will learn

  • An introduction to VoiceOver.
  • Using gestures to control VoiceOver.
  • Using an external keyboard to navigate
    the iPad and a selection of apps.
  • Learn to use a range of keyboard shortcuts
    to make VoiceOver more effective and efficient.
  • Learn to use items such as 'Quick Nav' and 'Rotor'
    to improve access.

Who is the seminar aimed at?

  • Class teachers, Support for Learning Teachers, VI Teachers.
  • Classroom assistants, Additional Support Needs assistants
  • Anyone working with a student with an Additional Support Need
  • Parent/ Carers

Meet your presenter(s)

Craig Mill
Assistive Technology Advisor

Probably better known for developing the AccessApps, a suite of portable open source and free learning support tools that can be run from a USB drive.

Craig is also the developer of the awards winning MyStudyBar - a handy tool to support learners with literacy difficulties. Craig is keeping abreast of new developments in technology, particularly technology to help overcome barriers to learning.

What the research says

before a student can learn from the information presented, that student must first be able to perceive it. By using text-to-speech to convert the information in textbooks and other print educational materials into a format that is more accessible for people with visual difficulties, screen readers such as VoicOver reduce the barriers to learning by ensuring that information is perceptible to all learners
Perez, L. (2013) Mobile Learning for All: Supporting Accessibility with the iPad, Corwin Press. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26/04/17].


About the day

Morning Seminar

  • Duration: 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • Class size: No more than 50
  • Refreshments: Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout.


  • Room: , University of Edinburgh, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ