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One Note - Helping Students with Organisational Difficulties Keep Their Work Organised

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Shirley will demo how One Note can be used to help students with organisational difficulties to keep all their school work in a simple, easy to use online folder.

One Note is free to all Scottish students via Glow.  Students can set up their own sections and pages, adding in text, checklists, tables, images, audio, video and attachments. They can use any device and even write in notes or sketch diagrams. It is all about working in the way they would like to work and having a manageable way of independently organising their work. Their One Note notebook can be accessed online at home, allowing students to share work with parents/carers, complete unfinished school work as well as having notes accessible for revision.


Shirley Lawson, CALL Scotland

Date of webinar

26th April, 2017

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