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Upcoming Course - Closing the Attainment Gap

by Shirley Lawson

on Tue Jun 20, 2017

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training course

CALL Scotland course,
University of Edinburgh
22nd November, 2018

Raising attainment for dyscalculic learners (Secondary, FE and HE)

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The Pupil Equity Fund (worth £120 million) is directly allocated to schools to address the poverty related attainment gap.  To close this identified gap, children and young people from all backgrounds need to be given more opportunities and greater support to succeed in order to achieve equity in educational outcomes.

The purchase of technology and associated training could be valid investment for a school if tied in with a structured digital learning strategy.  Have a read at Paul's blog about the Pupil Equity Fund and what can be achieved by implementing assistive technologies for students with Additional Support Needs.

Hard as it is to be thinking of the new term after the summer holidays, we know it's all a bit mad when you get back and settling into new timetables with new students. Will these new students have Additional Support Needs?

Are you aware of all the different inclusive digital technologies that are out there which could significantly support their learning? Do you need some practice and tuition on how to use these technologies?

If the answer is Yes then...

Why don't you sign up for our morning seminar with optional afternoon hands on workshop on How to close the attainment gap using digital technologies to support learners with Additional Support Needs on September 7th?

What you will learn

Morning seminar

  • How to raise attainment and best support learners with ASN
    using a range of devices (computers / tablets), software and apps
  • Exploration of the range of accessible digital resources
    suitable for pupils with print disability due to physical, visual, reading, dyslexic or communication difficulties
  • Advice on apps for developing literacy skills
    such as handwriting, phonological awareness, phonics, language learning and sentence building
  • How to use photos, video and audio
    to personalise and support literacy activities
  • How to support learners with numeracy difficulties
  • How to engage and motivate learners
    through creative implementation of inclusive digital technologies

Who is the seminar and workshop aimed at?

  • Class teachers, Support for Learning Teachers
  • Classroom assistants, Additional Support Needs assistants
  • Anyone working with a student with an Additional Support Need
  • Parent/ Carers

Afternoon workshop (optional)

The afternoon session will be capped at a maximum of 16 participants. No prior knowledge or expertise is required. You will get the chance to have hands on practice with Windows laptops and iPads using the software, apps and resources that have been talked about in the morning session.

You will have time to explore, ask questions, share ideas and take home ideas that can be immediately embedded into your practice and support of a learner with Additional Support Needs.


Have a look at our full wide range of Professional Learning opportunities for 2017-18.

Meanwhile, have a very relaxing, well deserved summer break!

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