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Service Level Agreements

'Partnership' or 'Service Level Agreements' (SLA) are valuable when you wish to make more extensive use of CALL services on an easy-access and ongoing basis.

A partnership agreement gives you access to reduced day rates for specialist services such as:

Entering into an SLA with CALL Scotland establishes a relationship especially tailored to your authority's specific requirements.

If you expect to use CALL Scotland services for 5 or more days per year, then it is financially advantageous to set up an SLA.

Some key facts:

If you expect to use less than 5 days, then we would recommend purchasing CALL Scotland time on an as-and-when required basis.

Local Authorities with a Service Level Agreement (2024)

Service Level Agreement Costs (2024)

Discounted rates
for schools in authorities with an SLA

 (1 x CALL staff)(2 x CALL staff)
2 hours
Half day
(3 hours)
Full day£617£1036

Standard rates
for schools in authorities without an SLA

 (1 x CALL staff)(2 x CALL staff)
2 hours
Half day
(3 hours)
Full day£772£1268

Additional costs and travel

Free services for clients in Scotland

Thanks to core funding from the Scottish Government, a number of CALL services are provided for Scottish clients at no cost.

These include:

Other services, such as training, can be purchased on a one-off, 'as and when required' basis.

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