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Additional Support Needs

Autism Spectrum Conditions

What is Autism Spectrum Condition and how can technology help.

Communication Support Needs

Information on Communication Support Needs, AAC and Scottish legislation.


What can help with writing, reading and numeracy.

Physical Support Needs

Assistive Technology has opened up a world of opportunities for people with physical support needs.

Severe & Complex Support Needs

Technology has the potential to reduce or eliminate barriers to learning.

Visual Impairment

Some ways technology can help to support people with a visual impairment.


Alternative Access

Access Technologies provide an alternative way to control a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Books for All

Curriculum books in accessible formats - for students who have difficulty reading ordinary printed books.

Communication Aids

Communication aids help people who have little or no speech to communicate with others.

Computer Accessibility

Are you meeting legal requirements for computer accessibility?

Digital Assessments for Students with ASN

Designed for students with disabilities or additional support needs.

Eye Gaze

Replaces the standard mouse so you can use your eyes to control a computer.

iPads, Androids & Chromebooks

Using this technology to support learners with Additional Support Needs.

Mounts & Stands

A detailed look at the different options.

Smart Wheelchair

The control of the chair is a partnership between the pilot and the chair itself.

Speech Recognition

Speak to your computer, tablet or smartphone to control it, give commands and dictate text.


Reads text from a document or web page to you using a computer voice.

The Scottish Voice

Free Scottish accent and Scottish Gaelic computer voices.


A free 'text-to-speech' plugin for Microsoft Word.

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