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Who We Are

CALL Scotland (Communication, Access, Literacy and  Learning) help children and young people across Scotland to overcome disability and barriers to learning created by their environment, and to fulfil their potential.

We've been around since 1983 working as a Research and Development centre as well as a working Service unit. Both elements are necessary and important - they inform, enrich and support each other.

Our mission is...

To provide pupils and families, local authorities and professionals with:

Some facts about CALL Scotland

We provide
professional learning to

people each year,
on average

Our events and
conferences attract

people from
across Scotland

We have service
level agreements in

Local authorities
across Scotland

We provide
specialist loans to

users each year,
on average

How we're funded

Our geographical remit

Since our core funding comes from the Scottish Government, our work is concentrated in Scotland. Other organisations perform a similar role in other parts of the UK and we are in close contact with such colleagues.

Although our service work is in Scotland, we respond to questions on CALL research and development from throughout the UK, and overseas.

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