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Calling All Parents and Staff Supporting Pupils with Additional Support Needs

by Gillian McNeill

on Mon Jun 01, 2015

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Coming up next week are two ICT and Inclusion exhibitions organised by CALL Scotland and there is still time to book your place.

Parents -  extra sessions - see below!! 

This event provides an excellent opportunity for staff to see and compare the latest software and technology for supporting pupils with additional support needs, with many of the key leading UK companies exhibiting. In addition there will be a series of presentations and workshops from both exhibitors, practitioners working in the field and CALL Scotland specialist staff, with a programme of 26-28 presentations to choose from each day, over 7 sessions.

And what’s more all this is free!

The location and dates for the exhibitions are:

  • CALL Scotland, Edinburgh - Wednesday 10 June 2015
  • Beardmore  Hotel, Clydebank - Thursday 11 June 2015

Registration/coffee for both events is from 8.45am, closing times - Edinburgh 5.30pm and Clydebank 4.00pm.

Please register for your selected exhibition in advance so we have an idea of numbers before the day and to indicate if you wish to stay for a (free!) lunch. To find out more and to book online, go to the ICT and Inclusion web page or telephone CALL Scotland on 0131 651 6235.

And for parents in particular…..

This year we are running extra drop-in sessions for parents of children with additional support needs at our Edinburgh event!

Parents can attend these themed drop-in sessions hosted by CALL Scotland specialist staff. This will provide an opportunity for parents to view and discuss ICT resources and strategies for supporting children with a range of additional supports needs such as language, learning, communication and access. There will be no presentation at these sessions as such, but an opportunity to view selected technology and learn how it can be used to support children in school and/or home.

As well as these sessions parents can come along earlier in the afternoon from 2pm onwards, to see the ICT and Inclusion exhibition and to chat with the exhibitors.

The location, date and time for the parents’ drop-in is:

  • CALL Scotland, Edinburgh - Wednesday 10 June 2015, 4.30-5.30 pm

The drop-in sessions will cover:

  • Primary level access to the curriculum, including literacy & dyslexia
  • Secondary level access to the curriculum, including speech recognition
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) single message technology to higher level devices
  • Technology to support pupils with severe and complex learning difficulties

There is no need for parents to book for drop-in events, just turn up in time for your selected session or come along to the exhibition anytime from 2pm onwards. To find out more go to the ICT and Inclusion web page or telephone CALL Scotland on 0131 651 6235.

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