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Family Fun Communication Technology Event

by Gillian McNeill

on Thu Oct 07, 2021

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Spooky season is upon us and, in the best of Scottish traditions, it's time to come together to tell spine-tingling tall tales, sing spooky songs, and share our best nerve-jangling jokes. 

This is a great opportunity for children, young people and their families in Scotland to join in with a free online event on Saturday 30th October from 1-3pm. It's especially for children and young people who use communication technology, and will feature storytelling, singing and jokes, with plenty of opportunity for everyone to join in with communication aids and symbols.

Who is hosting the event?

It is being hosted by Augmentative Communication in Practice (ACIP:S), the organisation that

 brings together the various communication aid and assistive technology services in Scotland (CALL Scotland , FAACT, KEYCOMM, SCTCI and others) and  takes place during AAC Awareness Month, which happens in October each year.

Who is leading the sessions?

The presenters include 

  • Ailie Finlay, a Specialist Multi-Sensory Storyteller, and founder of My Kind of Books, inclusive books and sensory stories for children with  complex additional needs
  • Marie Gallagher, an Early Years Trainer with the Scottish Book Trust with experience in leading and training for Bookbug story sessions for children
  • Joanna Courtney, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and developer of CALL Scotland's digital books and symbol resources for shared reading at Symbols for All
  • And others members of the ACIP:S team

What storytelling and fun sessions will there be?

The sessions are all interactive and participation is encouraged, so get ready with your Big or Little Macks,  Go Talk 9 or other single/multi-message aids, or iPads with a communication app. Some symbol and iPad resources will also be shared with you to help you join in.

The sessions will include:

  • Interactive Storytelling Session with the book: Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School.
  • Sensory Story based on the tale: The Wee Woolly Hat.
  • Songs, rhymes and joke time with a prize for the best joke shared!
  • Question and Answer session, an oppotunity for parents to ask about using communication technology for storytelling and fun.

How do I sign up for the event?

The event will be held online through Zoom and sign up is through Eventbrite.

Sign up through Eventbrite.

Where can I find out more information?

Download the flier.

Or contact the organisers through the ACIP:S website contact form.

See you there, twit twoo!



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