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Grid 3 Speaks Scottish! on iPad Too!

by Paul Nisbet

on Fri Aug 24, 2018

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We are very pleased that Scottish computer voices from CereProc are now available free of charge for Grid 3 and Grid for iPad! It's particularly positive news for guys (loons?), because a male Scottish voice was not available for symbol-based AAC apps until now.

Grid 3 for Windows and Grid for iPad now offer a selection of free voices from CereProc, Acapela and Nuance.

The CereProc Scottish voices are:

  • Stuart - Scottish adult male;
  • Kirsty - Scottish adult female (sounds older than our free Heather voice).

Fiona, the Scottish female voice from Nuance, is also available. She sounds a bit younger than Kirsty. To my ears, though, CereProc's Heather still sounds the best, so we'll speak to our friends in SmartBox and CereProc and ask them if she can be included in the free voices.

  • Fiona - Scottish female voice from Nuance;
  • Heather - Scottish female voice from Cereproc.

Who knows, we may even get our Glaswegian friend Dodo to be available, for weegies...

  • Dodo - Glaswegian adult male;

For folks south of the border, you now have the option of these new CereProc voices as well:

  • William - Southern English adult male RP accent;
  • Giles - Southern English adult male;
  • Jack - London English? Sounds a bit younger than the other male voices;
  • Jess - Northern English, also sounds a bit younger than the other female voices;
  • Lauren - Southern English adult female;
  • Sue - West Midlands adult female.

Of course, Scottish AAC users could previously (and still can) download Stuart, Heather and the Ceitidh Gaelic voice from CALL's Scottish Voice web site, and install them to work with Grid 3, but it's a lot more convenient to have them available from within the program itself.

What about Scottish child voices, like Harry and Rosie, I hear you ask? Watch this space...

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