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Hodder Gibson Textbooks on the Books for All Scotland Database

by Paul Nisbet

on Thu Aug 23, 2018

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We are sorry to post that Hodder Gibson have asked us to remove their textbooks from the Books for All Scotland Database following allegations of illegal use of their files downloaded from the Database.

Hodder Gibson provided PDFs of their textbooks to us so that learners with print disabilities, who cannot use the paper books, can read and access the same learning resources as their peers. The service has been very successful - in 2017-18, the 296 Hodder Gibson textbooks on the database were downloaded 15,087 times by 527 schools or support services in Scotland.

We know that:

  •  students with physical support needs who have difficulty handling the paper books or turning pages can access the digital versions on their computers or devices;
  • learners with a visual impairment who cannot see the hard copy books are using the digital versions so they can zoom to make the text bigger and read it on iPads or computers;
  •  pupils with dyslexia who have difficulty reading the text are using computer text readers to help them understand the content.

The digital versions are crucial to help learners with print disabilities access learning independently and successfully and to be properly included.

We are therefore extremely disappointed to hear that files have apparently been downloaded and printed or given out to learners who do not have print disabilities.

We are working with Hodder to find a distribution mechanism that will reduce the possibility of files being used illegally but in the meantime, the files have been withdrawn from the database.

But I am supporting learners who need digital copies RIGHT NOW - what shall I do?

Hodder Gibson say that they will support students with difficulties accessing ordinary printed texts directly.

Hodder books are also available from RNIB Bookshare.

RNIB Bookshare was set up by RNIB a few years after we established the Books for All Scotland Database, and is now a much bigger service, so you definitely want to join it. RNIB has agreements with most of the UK textbook publishers to distribute PDFs of their books to students with print disabilities in the UK, so for example they have PDFs from Hodder Gibson, Nelson Thorne, Leckie and Leckie, Heinemann and Oxford University Press.

Bookshare doesn't have that many Scottish curriculum titles (yet), but there is a facility to request a book (see below), and if you do that, the publisher will upload it to Bookshare.

RNIB have a very helpful 10 step guide to using Bookshare which I've reproduced below.

How to use RNIB Bookshare.

Follow our quick steps below, download our full guide to getting started with RNIB Bookshare or view our training films to learn how to get started and get the most from RNIB Bookshare!

Our 10 quick steps to using RNIB Bookshare!

Still not sure about using RNIB Bookshare? have a look at our RNIB Bookshare film to see what teachers and learners have to say!

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