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Launch of Our New Adapted Digital Assessments Website

by Paul Nisbet

on Wed May 04, 2016

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Last week we launched our new Adapted Digital Assessments website. Digital Question Papers were first introduced in 2008, and there have been quite a few changes and developments since then:

  • phasing out of Standard Grade and Intermediate examinations and the introduction of National 5;
  • the development of subject-specific Digital Answer Booklets;
  • the advent of iPads;
  • new versions of Adobe Reader and computer reader software.


With the new site we have tried to simplify the content and give clearer answers to common questions that staff, learners and parents ask.

The site complements the SQA Digital Question Papers pages where you can find official SQA guidance for candidates, schools and invigilators and download past papers and Digital Answer Booklets for practice.

We have also added a little bit of information about Digital Papers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, because  most of the exams boards in the rest of the UK introduced digital papers in 2014.

The 2016 SQA examination timetable start today with Lifeskills Maths, Matamataig Fad-bheatha and Classical Studies, and we hope the new web site will help with any last minute queries.

Seeing the Gaelic Lifeskills Maths paper reminds me that for the first time, Gaelic Medium education learners with reading difficulties can to use the new Ceitidh Gaelic computer voice to read questions and their answers. If you haven't already got the voice and a computer text reader, go to The Scottish Voice website to find out how - although you'll be pushing it to get it installed for today's exam!

At this stage, you'll have your exam preparations completed, but just in case, here's a summary of actions to take. The SQA Guidance for CentresQuick Guide for Centres; and Summary of Guidance for Centres have more details and hints and tips for using technology in the examinations.

Exam Checklist

  • Computers or devices are set up in relevant rooms.
  • Computers have the correct software installed, checked and working.
  • Computers and devices are set up with appropriate profiles or software.
  • Headphones (where required) are available and working.
  • Planning sheets are set up for every examination, for each student and computer.
  • Staff, students and invigilators know the arrangements.
  • Students have been trained and can use the computers/devices and Digital Papers and Answer Booklets.
  • Printers are set up. Spare ink cartridges are available.
  • Students are well prepared and know their stuff!

Best of luck!

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