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Our new 8-week Literacy and Complex Needs course is live!

Posted by Claire Harrison on the 30th January, 2024

Category Severe & Complex Support Needs

We are running our popular Literacy and Complex Needs online course in a new format in the spring, following a successful run last autumn.

From April 2024, participants will have access to an 8-week online learning course with weekly live and interactive online workshops. If you would like to develop your knowledge and skills, why not sign up for this practical course aimed at staff supporting children and young people with complex learning needs in specialist provisions, mainstream and special schools. 

Technology to Support Literacy for Learners with Complex Needs (8-week self-study course).

What to Expect

Each week in the online workshop, we will approach an aspect of literacy for complex needs learners and identify assistive technology tools and strategies that can enable access to reading and writing using a variety of low-tech and high-tech tools. The course is designed to be practical with ideas and resources that you can try out with your learners. By the end of the course, our aim is that you feel more confident identifying and using assistive technologies and are inspired to carry on with your literacy and technology journey!

Eight books in rainbow colours stacked on top of each other. Titles on the spine of each book, bottom to top read: Introduction to Literacy and Complex Needs; Introduction to AT & Alternative Access; Technology to Support Writing; Technology to Support Shared Reading; Technology to Support Independent Reading; Technology to support Alphabetic and Phonological Awareness; Wow! tools; Putting it into practice, where next?

Where do I find more information?

Find out more about the course on our new Technology to Support Literacy for Learners with Complex Needs booking page.

Online course - £30

Engaging iPad tips and tools to support children and young people with complex learning needs

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