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Technology and Dyslexia: Half Day Seminar

by Shirley Lawson

on Tue Jan 31, 2017

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training course

CALL Scotland course,
University of Edinburgh
31st January, 2019

Switches and Eye Gaze technology in the complex needs classroom

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The CALL Scotland team will be sharing their knowledge and expertise of a wide range of hardware, software and apps that can support dyslexic learners at a half day seminar on 23rd March at the University of Edinburgh.

The use of assistive technology can help raise attainment for students with additional support needs such as dyslexia.  There are a wide variety of computers, tablets and devices on the market and all have excellent assistive features that can provide valuable support to dyslexic students who have difficulties reading, writing, spelling or with organisation. There is so much to learn on this subject and even the smallest change to incorporate one element of assistive technology can revolutionise the way a dyslexic learner accesses the curriculum and can dramatically boost their self-esteem.

  • Excellent opportunity for valuable CLPL
  • Learn skills that will support all pupils
  • Refresh your knowledge on technology to benefit all your learners

What will be covered?

  • Software and apps to support reading and writing difficulties e.g. spellchecking, grammar, text to speech, predictive text, speech recognition
  • Identifying what is the best tool for the task - using the SETT approach
  • Accessibility features of different devices: Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebooks
  • Using the in-built features of the iPad to support dyslexia
  • Creating accessible texts in Microsoft Word
  • Sourcing electronic books and texts
  • Touch typing and computer skills
  • Using audio to support writing and notetaking
  • Using online storage solutions for organisation e.g. One Note, Google Drive
  • Using assistive software for SQA Digital exams

Cost: £40

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Tags: seminar, dyslexia

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