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Updated Dyslexia app wheel now live!

Posted by Shirley Lawson on the 7th May, 2023

Category Dyslexia

Our renowned App wheel ‘iPad apps to support learners with dyslexia/ reading and writing difficulties’ has been updated and is ready for you to download from the Posters and Leaflets section on our website. It has slight change of design with some of the original categories sub divided to make it easier to find an app that meets your needs.

Having the wheel to refer to will make it easier for you to narrow down the options from the thousands of apps available on the App Store. If you are working within a school then there may be restrictions on what apps can be installed (the dreaded DPIA restrictions!) but please also remember that the some of the built-in Accessibility options on the iPad provide excellent support for learners with literacy difficulties.

Check out our short iPad support videos (made by Craig Mill) on these built in accessibility features such as Speak Selection, Typing Feedback, Siri and many more.

download the poster now.

Are there other apps that you are using in the classroom that provide invaluable literacy support to your learners with dyslexia? Please let us know! We will be doing another update at the end of the year and will review any apps that are recommended to us.

Our online module Using the iPad to support literacy is an excellent opportunity to do some free, self-paced Professional Learning to really get to know your iPad and learn about all the features that can help your dyslexic learners.

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