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Webinars for Professional Learning

by Shirley Lawson

on Fri Jan 13, 2017

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CALL Scotland course,
University of Edinburgh
27th February, 2020

Access to technology for learners with physical support needs

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Our webinars are the perfect way to learn something new and to use this knowledge practically to support your students with additional support needs. They are specifically designed to be short (20-30 minutes) and timetabled for 4pm to allow teachers to not be overloaded at the end of a busy school day. Or, if you choose to watch the archived one, you can do this at a time of your own choice in the comfort of your own home. 

When learning opportunities are designed to fit into the work/life juggling act that teachers perform daily then the take up is higher, enthusiasm is sparked and the subsequent benefits to our learners far greater.

We hope that our list of topics for the upcoming CALL Scotland webinars match to some of your 2017 career-long professional learning objectives.

Why not make it a resolution this year to engage with Assistive Technology with a particular student in mind? 

  • think of a student in your class with an Additional Support Need or disability
  • reflect on the tasks that he/she finds difficult 
  • choose a webinar which focusses on a possible solution to this difficulty
  • select a relevant article on the web to read prior to the webinar
  • attend the webinar
  • create a simple plan to obtain, to have hands on practice with then implement the technology
  • Write up your experience in a short article
  • Share with at least one other teacher  ( preferably more)

What might this look like?



Student David, dyslexic and dyspraxic, low self-confidence, sitting National 5 exams.
Areas of difficulty Illegible handwriting, struggles with spelling and reading, very able orally
Choose a webinar Free Text to Speech software for Windows
Relevant article for prior reading Crivelli, V. (2013) Using Technology to Support Dyslexic Pupils. British Dyslexia Association.
Plan for implementation
  • Find out what software is on school computers
  • Speak to IT Department if no Text to Speech software can be found
  • Source headphones
  • Download past SQA digital papers for David to practice using TTS (no human reader now required)
  • Introduce and support David using TTS
  • Evaluate the process and outcomes of implementing the assistive technology
Write up short article This could be the same text that you would be submitting as self-evaluation of your professional learning in your online profile in MyGTCS .
Share with colleagues Tell one other teacher, share at a department/ staff meeting / in-service day, create a How To Sheet for all staff, blog, tweet  - any or all of the above would be great!

For further information on Text to Speech software/ apps for a wide range of devices, check out our Information pages.

Sign up for a webinar now and make things happen in 2017!

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