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Introducing Speech Recognition in Schools

by CALL Scotland


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  • Published: 2002

There is growing awareness in schools of the potential of Speech Recognition (SR) to provide access to the curriculum for pupils with SEN. However, approaches and success with SR vary widely. In some schools there are pupils using SR as their main means of writing and recording work, whereas in other schools staff have found SR difficult to implement with any success at all.

The aim of the CALL Introducing Speech Recognition in Schools project was to investigate best practice in schools where speech recognition was being used successfully, and develop and evaluate training materials to help staff and students to learn to use speech recognition productively.

A number of research reports and case studies on speech recognition were reviewed before designing the project: particularly, the reports from Elaine Donald at Perth High School (Donald, 1998); Martin Miles and colleagues (Miles, Martin & Owen, 1998), and in particular, the reports and case studies produced by the BECTa speech recognition project (BECTa, 2000).

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