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Keep Talking!

by Sally Millar & Joanna Courtney


  • Pages: 71
  • File type: pdf
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  • Published: 2012

This book was inspired by the teacher who, on one of CALL Scotland's visits, said with some desperation 'I know I'm not doing enough. Somehow, my brain goes all fuzzy - I just can't think of any communication games...'.

We all know that teachers are geniuses in so many ways, and as well as all their teaching skills are always full of brilliant tricks and ideas to make a class of kids snap to attention, to get them buzzing with active, self-directed learning, or to constructively occupy that final 'five minutes before the bell goes'. But many such ideas are for kids who are independent, who can talk and move about easily. They do not necessarily 'translate' into a suitable format for pupils who are mobility or hand function impaired and who cannot speak.

This book aims to supply a few ideas and activities that could be useful for a youngster who uses AAC, by:

  • Providing a reason to make sure that the Talker is always out of its bag, charged up, and on the table/wheelchair mount ready for daily use;
  • Filling up some of those gaps in the school day with constructive and fun activities
  • Helping the youngster to learn and practise - in other words, use - his or her Talker to enjoy interactions with others and build up useful social and communicative experiences.

Individual book activities to download

  1. Five Minute Standbys
    1. I went to the shops and I bought...
    2. Make me a sandwich!
    3. How many things can you find me that...
    4. Mini Treasure Hunt
    5. Where does it belong?
    6. He said, She said
    7. Communication games choice board for section 1
  2. Out and About
    1. Autograph Book
    2. Roving Reporter
    3. Scavenger Hunt
    4. Becoming a Smooth Talker
    5. Errands and Deliveries
    6. Communication games choice board for section 2
  3. Work and Play
    1. Surveys
    2. Interview-type Surveys
    3. Topic Hangman
    4. Quiz Show
    5. Simplified 'Just a Minute'
    6. Communication games choice board for section 3
  4. Playing with Pals
    1. Full Scale Treasure Hunt
    2. How well do you know your friend?
    3. Playing shops
    4. The Frog jumped in the pond
    5. The 'Yes and No' Game
    6. Communication games choice board for section 4
  5. Communication Friends Group
    1. Guess which Country?
    2. I like to...
    3. Seaside Sounds Quiz
    4. Show and Tell Photos
    5. The 'Trick or Treat' Game
    6. Communication games choice board for section 5

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