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Perspectives on AAC with Adults - Collected Papers 1998


33 page PDF book - published 1998


This book contain papers presented at a Study Day organised by Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland. The papers in this downloadable book have been written by AAC users, professionals, developers and commercial suppliers in the field of augmentative communication. The authors’ perspective of augmentative communication widens out far beyond the individual AAC user and his or her communication system, to incorporate equality and rights issues; policy and accountability implications; training issues for staff and for all communication partners; access to the curriculum; literacy; the need for research; the design and evaluation of communication systems; the integration and customisation of technology for seating; mobility; communication and environmental control. Note: This book was produced by Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland, an open group composed of people who have an active interest in augmentative communication, including users of AAC, families, carers and professionals from a variety of different disciplines. The main activity is the organisation of an annual Study Day on AAC. The CALL Centre publishes this book on behalf of the group.

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