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August 2019

Technology can help raise attainment for learners with dyslexia

A recent article in the Scotsman newspaper told the story of 16 year old Callum Glasgow, a dyslexic pupil at Royal High, achieving five grade As in his Higher exams. How did he manage to do all his school work, revision and interim assessments while experiencing reading and writing difficulties?

Scottish Child Digital Voices are now available!

You can get high quality child and teenage digital voices for use in communication aids and for reading digital information. Download the voices and find out more from our new Scottish Voice website.

Touch Typing and Dyslexia

Most people think that it is good for people with dyslexia to learn to touch type to help them develop writing skills. But how does typing help, what is the evidence for this, and how should people learn to touch type?

New accessibility tools in Windows 10

The latest update to Microsoft Windows 10 (May 2019) includes some new accessibility improvements to support visually impaired learners.

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Scottish Learning Festival

The Scottish Learning Festival (SLF) is the annual conference and exhibition for educational practitioners across Scotland and is completely free to attend. Organised by Education Scotland, SLF is the biggest professional learning event for Scottish education which aims to inspire, innovate and inform great educational practice.

Communication Matters International AAC Conference

The Communication Matters International AAC Conference is the UKs leading annual AAC event, with a diverse programme of plenaries, presentations, posters and exhibition held over two and a half days.

What we're reading

Understanding Writing Issues

From the Understood website - an interesting and insightful resource which explains why pupils experience difficulties with handwriting with some useful tips to improve handwriting and express ideas.

Understanding Dysgraphia

From the Understood website - Similar to writing difficulties but with a focus on dysgraphia.

Identifying Appropriate Symbol Communication

This website is an evidence-based resource to support decision making for families and professionals involved in AAC assessment.