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December 2019

How do I share files between an iPad and Windows without Wi-Fi?

An age-old problem and one that we are often asked at ?CALL - how do I share files between an iPad and a computer without Wi-Fi? The following scenario is one I often come across when visiting schools where Wi-Fi is poor or non-existent.

Anyone up for a game?

As well as noble and worthy activities like communication and access to education, technology can of course also be used for having fun and playing. If you are interested in accessible computer gaming, read on. Just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Themed Accessible Learning Activities

With thoughts turning to all things festive, here is a quick round up of some ready to go Christmas themed accessible learning activities.

Sign up for the new Books for All Database

After 9 years and over 230,000 downloads, the Books for All Database will close on 19 February 2020. The new replacement Books for All website is up and running and so we encourage you to create an account now.

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BETT 2020, 22nd - 25th January, London.

Paul Nisbet and Shirley Lawson from CALL Scotland will both be presenting seminars at the Education Show.

What we're reading

How Speech-Feedback and Word-Prediction Software Can Help Students Write

J.T. is an energetic, hard-working, and good-natured seventh grade student who attends a small school in a rural town in south central North Carolina. J.T. has identified learning disabilities in reading and written expression and receives all of his instruction in a general education classroom.

The One Thing Most Teachers Dont Read In Their Dyslexic Students

Just a few decades ago, the prognosis of dyslexia was grim. Awareness was lacking and support was even worse; often, schools only knew that reading scores were low - not why or how to help. But as more entrepreneurs and even movie stars step forward and share their dyslexia stories, the world is taking notice, and the prognosis may not be so grim after all.