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June 2017

Additional Support for Learning and Technology Conference

Over 250 people attended this year's two-day ASL and Technology Conference and Exhibition, held in Edinburgh last Wednesday and in Clydebank the following day.

NEW! Professional Learning for 2017-18

We have a brand new exciting line up of Professional Learning opportunities for anyone who is working with a person who has Additional Support Needs, a physical, communication or sensory support needs.

Upcoming Course - Closing the Attainment Gap

Hard as it is to be thinking of the new term after the summer holidays, we know it's all a bit mad when you get back and settling into new timetables with new students. Will these new students have Additional Support Needs?

Scanning Pens or Scanning Apps?

Reading / scanning pens have been around for nearly 20 years and can be used to scan individual words or single lines of text and to read the text back using synthetic speech. Some of the early models, e.g. the WizCom Reading Pen are still available and can still be effective, but a new generation of device, most noticeably the C-Pen Reader has become available in the last couple of years.

Training courses

At our University of Edinburgh training centre.

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Free webinars

30 minute online workshops delivered to your desktop.

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Upcoming events

Some events for your diary.

Discover Technology Day and Consultation

Augmentative Communication in Practice: Scotland are hosting a "Discover Technology" Day for adults (16+) who use AAC, to be held at Thomson's Land, Moray House School of Education, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ on Saturday 24th June from 10.00 am until 3.30 pm.

Communication Matters Conference

The Communication Matters National AAC Conference is the UK's leading annual AAC event, with a diverse programme of plenaries, presentations, posters and exhibition held over two and a half days.

What we're reading

Draw Like A Pro!

Sadly, not everyone can say they have an artistic flair. It's predicted that around 10,000 hours of practice are needed to be able to become proficient with a pencil and paper and most of us don't have the time (or the patience).

Colours, Overlays, and Reading Skills

In this article, we are concerned with the role of colors in reading written texts. It has been argued that colored overlays applied above written texts positively influence both reading fluency and reading speed.

How is Additional Support for Learning Working in Practice?

Additional support for learning is an issue that has been raised in evidence regularly with the Committee since its establishment, including in scrutiny sessions with education authorities on their implementation of Scottish Government policy and in sessions focussing on the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence and attainment.